Auria is the last nation in Europe to be occupied by the Global Defence Organisation. Now governing all of Old Europe, the GDO's control over Auria tightens and their tactics to supress the population become more violent.

Angry at the oppressive regime, Cassia Fortis joins the GDO as a spy.

Can she succeed or will her actions have devastating consequences?

Rebellion is a YA Dystopian novel that was released in 2016.


Cassia has successfully started a rebellion against the Global Defence Organisation – but what happens now? She joins the Resistance which is aiming to take back Old Paris and push the GDO back out of Old Europe. Although she supports the Resistance’s aims, she struggles with the impact it has on innocent people’s lives. Kohler (her old enemy) is out for revenge and has found a unique way to get under her skin. Will she be an asset for the Resistance or will her doubts put everyone in jeopardy?

Rage is a GDO soldier, but she’s also still a child, brutally trained to be a weapon. She infiltrates the Resistance camp where Cassia and her team are based. She’ll do anything to protect the one thing she cares about, the question is, how far will she go?

Resistance is due for release Summer 2017

Death & Life

A Short Story about a girl called Life who meets Death.

The Buzz for Rebellion

Sumaiyya Naseem Goodreads Review

Fans of dystopian fiction will LOVE this book.

Kathryn Fletcher Goodreads Review

Cassia's GDO Squad is absolutely squad goals. I loved their fluid banter, and their ease of conversation

Cosette Bocanegra Goodreads Review

Impossible to put down, I took it with me everywhere I went for the day and read it non-stop.

Kaitlin Throgmorton  Goodreads Review

Heavy, believable conflict fuels a fast-paced survival story of strong, but untested protagonists. It's the kind of story that feels like it could actually happen to you, and that makes it a page-turner.

Pam Firth Goodreads Review

I loved this book! Well written, with believable characters and a story line that had me gripped right to the end - a real page-turner.

Lauren Molyneux  Goodreads Review

I loved that we are finally given a female character who has to LEARN self-defence and how to fight, but more importantly, her talent is in coding and computers!

About the Author

Josephine has been living in London on and off for eleven years and self-published her first novel Rebellion in Feb 2016. She enjoys writing speculative fiction and her first young adult series, Rebellion, explores that theme.

She is currently working on a SciFi comedy and editing the sequel to Rebellion, which is called Resistance.

Please feel free to ask her any questions about self-publishing or writing.

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A story about a girl called Life who meets Death.